2021 .



Ray Bradley’s stained glass window is fitted Jan 4, 2021 during lockdown. Celebrations galore.

The work never stops, but I step back daily and breathe her in. My heart leaps a little and we talk to each other. HIPPO is buoyant and beautiful once more. I have experienced all four seasons onboard. The spider season, the mosquito season, the heat and the ice, the wind and the rain. Everything so far, seems at peace and comfortable.

Stay tuned..coming soon..
. Making the engine room beautiful, checking over the engine with a friend who is passionate about GARDNER engines (a lucky meeting!), cleaning any small rust trickles caused by a couple of years of condensation. Ensuring spare parts are at the ready, and that I understand all the technicals. This will be the most welcoming space of all, the heart of the ship.
. Bow thruster installation (second front propeller for easier handling of larger ships) END OF SEPTEMBER
. New out of water survey for insurance purposes and full clean and possible repaint of hull.
. Moveable search light fitted at the bow (nose)
. Finishing varnishing in the warmer weather and fitting the front deck teak benches and cocktail table.
. Nipping all rust patches in the bud on the exterior, cleaning, priming and painting them.
. Skipper and Radio licence to achieve. JULY & OCTOBER (!)