Shop opening march 8. Stay tuned

The HIPPO shop is a small arena, an exclusive corner to buy unusual and bespoke items for you or your friends. I will showcase artists I know or love when I can, with their consent, and apart from items obliquely related to the ship, there will be fun and surprise. So, prepare to re-visit, pop-in, and stay finely tuned, when you have a handful of minutes to spare, or a glass of wine close by. The aim is to offer only the best, made by hand by artisans I value, everything curated specially with you in mind. I hope the experience will be effortless and pleasurable. Don’t hesitate to browse, and to contact me for more information or a more personalised service. I am all ears if you have suggestions, and I am always available to talk to. I will try to keep prices reasonable and postage included. The majority – by far the largest slice of whatever you pay – will go straight to the people who craft and create the items. Some I find and buy, some I design myself, others I source and talk-through with the artist. I would like to feel that you will get to know the ‘feel’, but will never be sure what may turn up. Welcome to the HIPPO adventure..and, perhaps one day you will join us onboard, to celebrate this extraordinary Venetian Lady, for some peace, feasting and laughter..